Autobiographical note


Autobiographical note

Born 1949 in Hamburg, Germany.

Being seven years old, a twin brother came to my attention, who after a few years disappeared. At the age of twelve I found out that I was a Chinese. As youth, virtual eyes hanging in the air under the ceiling helped me orientating myself. So I was able to observe not only the surroundings but at the same time my reactions to it. That worked only in lazy moments, in moments of action I was busy reacting. But there are enough lazy moments, even in hectic situations.

My life has been long enough now to give me a stoical maturity, too short to be able to come to terms with stupidity and being german. Artistic work from childhood on, but only private publication. Lifelong attempt to reduce acquired mental reflexes, which means to get from prejudice via analysis to perception; from concept or idea, which we wear as our first glasses and blinkers simultaneously, to get to reality and possibly truth.

Studies: mathmatics and linguistics
Jobs: stevedore, male nurse, drummer (& teacher), advertising man, copywriter, songwriter, composer, commercial artist, and of course, taxi driver

As a young person I compared life with the river's flow. A river starts off in a small way, takes other waters into his bed or connects with them, carries loads, makes wide curves, small meanders, and falls, gets broader and opens into the sea, the boundless freedom. Meanwhile I read the river metaphor the other way round, from the estuary to the source: the boundless but at the same time confused dream of the young man will be enclosed continually until it has disappeared. The life that now has taken the place of the dream does bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, but these teach mainly the limitations and relative lack of success of the indvidual actions. To bear these realizations (not to be confused with resignation!) without losing oneself in infantile dreams or isolating oneself from other people, is what I do find satisfying and - beautiful.


Sprache: deutsch / english

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